The Four Dragons

This is the third in a series of folk stories from around the world. The other two are:

This folk tale is from China and tells the story of how China came to have four great rivers. I like to hear folk tales from other countries as they give a good insight (=an accurate and deep understanding) into the traditions and cultural beliefs of a country.

Listen to the folk tale and give SHORT ANSWERS of NO MORE than TWO WORDS to the six questions. Think about your grammar in your answers.

  1. What did the villagers pray for God to do?

  2. Who did the dragons decide to ask for help?

  3. Whose songs was the Emperor listening to?

  4. Where did the dragons take water from?

  5. Who did the Emperor order to trap the dragons?

  6. What did each dragon become?

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below.



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