Friendship is a mild, simple and essential aspect of our lives. Friendship is significant among people, societies, businesses and nations.

Having good friends is a blessing. Life without friends can be lonely and unhappy, and similarly, a nation without allies can be isolated and underdeveloped.

Through friendship, we can give and receive support, help, synergy and trade. The sharing of feelings and things can occur among people as well as nations. These friendships move nations towards globalization.

To build a lasting friendship; honesty, mutual trust and mutual respect are needed among people. Similarly, kindness, empathy and sacrifice, support and improve friendships. Only if we are good friends for other people, we will get good friends and lasting friendships.

This animated video gives some insight into becoming a good friend.

Watch and listen to the video and complete the sentences with ONE WORD.

1. Ideal friends are willing to tell us awkward and ___________things about themselves.

2. Ideal friends are not shocked or ___________ by our behaviour.

3. Proper friends don’t flatter and understand how we can lose ___________.

4. Right friends listen and help us talk about our___________and excitements.

5. Often, friends see the___________ in what we are saying when we are unable to.

6. Ideal friends continue to stay in our___________even when they are absent.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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