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Give Love

'I give love to all of my people

All of my people need love

I give some'

I recently discovered this song and singer while surfing YouTube! The artist's name is Andy Grammer and he's an American singer/songwriter. This is a dhamma song, called 'Give Love' and it's all about the importance of giving love and being loving with other people

I hope you enjoy the song, the lyrics and the message.

But, what exactly is 'love'? In the modern developed world we have become obsessed with romantic love ( = finding and keeping the one person who truly loves us, our soulmate, our partner). But being so focused on romantic love we neglect other types of love that may be more healing and fulfilling for us.

Read the article about the practice of loving-kindness meditation, which like the song, promotes the giving of love to others, and complete the sentences below with NO MORE than THREE WORDS from the reading.

  1. Many people in today’s stressful world have trouble dealing with _________.

  2. Through the development of ‘loving-acceptance’, the meditation technique creates ___________.

  3. Appreciative joy dispels _________ and allows us to see and value other people’s good fortune and qualities.

  4. The meditation practice is designed to resolve feelings of ___________.

  5. When practicing the meditation, it is advisable to select a person you are not sexually attracted to, to avoid the arousal of ________.

  6. Three methods of bringing about feelings of loving-kindness are visualization, by reflection and __________.

  7. During the Directional Pervasion phase of the meditation you ________ the feeling of loving-kindness out into the world.

  8. Once the meditation practice has reached maturity, we are no longer attached to particular romantic love as there is no ___________ of our love.

  9. Loving-kindness is not just a formal sitting practice and should be applied to __________.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below



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