Gold leaf

Myanmar is the land of gold. There's gold in the ground. There's gold in the shops. There's gold on people's fingers and around their necks. There's gold on the walls of homes throughout the country (in shwe chi hto tapestries). Most importantly, there is gold on the Buddha images in the temples and pagodas.

Watch the video about the creation of the gold leaf. Note the seven steps in the process that takes a lump of gold and creates a gold leaf that is gilded onto a Buddha image.

Once you are sure of the process, use the eight verbs below to complete the summary. Think carefully as you need to use the verbs in the correct tense.

bundle   purchase   distribute  pound  make  cut   gild    press

In the initial stage, a small lump of gold 1___________ with hammers by craftsmen in order to make it as thin as paper. Once the gold 2____________ very thin, it 3_________ into reams of gold leaf.
In the next stage, each piece of gold leaf 4____________ by hand into a uniform size by Myanmar women. Following this, the gold leaves 5_________ onto pieces of paper. Next, the gold leaves 6__________ to pagodas and shrines, where people 7_____________them as offerings.
Finally, people then take the gold leaves and 8___________the golden Buddha images with them.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below:


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