Hard times in Bagan

When circumstances are difficult, as they are now for many people, we say informally that these are 'hard times'. Now, due the pandemic and the massive drop in tourism, these are hard times in Bagan. Many people in Bagan have become dependent on the tourist industry for their livelihood, now with no tourists coming to Bagan, some people have starting stealing from the Bagan temples.

Read the article about looting on Bagan and answer the questions with NO MORE than TWO WORDS from the reading.

  1. The coronavirus has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of _______ visiting the Bagan temples.

  2. When patrolling the Bagan plain, the officers carry guns and use ________ in their search for intruders.

  3. The pandemic has meant that Bagan has been unable to benefit from being identified as a _______________ site in 2019.

  4. In early June, there was a number of _________ at Bagan.

  5. Thieves stole _______ from twelve temples.

  6. Local and regional police agencies have been assisted by _________ in the patrolling of Bagan's temples.

  7. A hazard the officers on patrol must deal with is the large numner of __________ in Bagan. Enter your answers in the sheet below.


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