How honest are we ?

“Honesty” is a weapon which always helps us to succeed in every walk of life. It is the backbone of successful relationships. It also gives us peace of mind and benefits.

People who always prefer telling the truth can build reliable relationships and live peacefully in a better world . One who lies, ruins relationships and loses the trust of people.

One of the famous people mentioned in the listening podcast said “Honesty is the best policy”. He regarded honesty as the best tool for a successful life.

Honesty is the builder of stronger and durable relationships. We must be loyal and speak truthfully in all our dealings. Speaking the truth helps us in strengthening our character and makes us strong. I believe that an honest and truthful person always leads a happy life. So, we must be honest in life even in bad situations.

Listen carefully to the podcast about honesty and note the meaning of the following eight vocabulary terms.

honest / honesty / honestly / dishonest / selfish

cheat / co-operatively /psychological make up

When you are familiar with the meaning, complete each gap in the summary with a one of the terms. Note: this is a more challenging summary completion task

Some people believe that it is human nature to be __________, that it is part of our __________ to be individualistic and look after ourselves. If we can, we will lie, ___________ and steal to benefit ourselves. However, quite often we cannot be _______ because we live and work together with other people. We behave_________, relying on each other for friendship, love and trade and we expect others in our social group to be _______. We value___________ very highly because we develop closer and stronger relationships with others who act ___________.

When you are ready, enter you answers in the test sheet below;


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