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Htein Lin

Htein Lin is a renowned Myanmar artist and writer who was active in the 1988 student movement In July 2013, he returned to Myanmar, having lived in London from 2006-2013. Htein Lin practises vipassana meditation, and a major inspiration for his work is Buddhism whose themes, stories and philosophy he incorporates in his art.

Watch and listen to the video about Htein Lin and his art projects and answer the questions.

Htein Lin was arrested in 1998 because:

  1. his friend mentioned his name in a letter

  2. he protested against the government

  3. he was associating with other political activists

While he was in prison, Htein Lin;

  1. stopped doing his art activities

  2. found innovative ways of continuing his art

  3. was encouraged to paint by the prison guards

A 'Show of Hands' is an art piece that:

  1. is based on the experiences of political prisoners

  2. focuses on the 1988 uprising

  3. pays homage to Buddha

'Skirting Issue' is art that is:

  1. addressing military dominance in Myanmar

  2. based on a Myanmar tradition of keeping clothes separate

  3. about men and women's fashion preferences

The 'Skirting Issue' portraits include:

  1. writings by Htein Lin

  2. signed statements from the models

  3. words and writings from Buddhist scriptures

For the art piece 'Immobilise, Htein Lin;

  1. took wheels from bullock carts

  2. built new bullock cart wheels

  3. salvaged old bullock cart wheels from villages

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below:


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