I am a village administrator

From my perspective (= view) as a foreigner in Myanmar, it seems that much of the governing, organising, administering and decision-making at a local level is done by the village and township administrators.

These positions seem to vital to the day-to-day operation of government in Myanmar. The people who are in these positions are the interface (= middle connection) between central government rules, laws and regulations and many of the Myanmar people.

Listen (in Myanmar) and read (in English) about Daw Cho Cho Myint, who works as a village administrator.

While you are watching, listening and reading, answer the six multiple choice questions.

The administrator elected in 2010,

  1. helped the village

  2. was useless

  3. was a woman

In the 2015 election,

  1. Daw Cho Cho Myint was elected

  2. Daw Cho Cho Myint got 32 votes

  3. Daw Cho Cho Myint lost

Daw Cho Cho Myint probably won the 2017 election because

  1. She is a woman

  2. She had been supportive of villagers

  3. She was knowledgeable about health matters

Mercy Corps is an organisation

  1. based in France

  2. that provides emergency response

  3. that works with Myanmar people nationwide

In, 2017, MyJustice conducted a survey

  1. of ward and village administrators

  2. to find out about what village administrators do

  3. to discover local people's ways of resolving disagreements

In most villages in Myanmar,

  1. the police enforce rules and laws

  2. disputes are referred to the courts

  3. people rely on the village administrators for justice

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below


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