To improve English speaking

Please read the passage carefully and fill the gaps with suitable words.

imitate mistakes hesitant effort

self-confidence feedback topics hungry

I imagine that all users of Jayzuubar are crazy about learning English, like me. Speaking is my weakest skill and the hardest to improve. At times, I am (1)___________to speak English and this makes me less confident and worse at English speaking. Currently, I am an international student, so I need to speak English. This makes me try harder to improve my speaking skill.

I learn English speaking from English fairy tales, English movies and America’s Got Talent television show. These are not only entertainment but also a means of learning English for me. I (2)___________all things such as intonation, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary from people’s talking in the movies or shows. Then, I repeat their speaking loudly.

I think of (3)____________, such as about myself or the weather and make notes to practice speaking. Then, I create video or audio files of my speaking and send these files to my English teacher, Simon or my friends who are also learning English. From their (4)_________, I try to correct my errors.

Sometimes, I am a little bit crazy with what I want. While I am alone, doing something such as cooking, ironing and bathing, I speak English loudly or sing English songs. Finally, after practicing speaking, I make an (5)___________to speak English with other people.

Now, I have gained (6)___________ in not only speaking in private but also public speaking such as in classroom discussions, giving presentations and meetings with JICA staff.

To improve our English speaking, I believe we need to:

Speak English often. Don’t be shy. Don’t worry about making (7)___________ in our speaking.

The more we speak English, the more we improve our speaking skill.

I definitely know that if we are (8)___________for it, we must get it.

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