Improve your listening

In my opinion, this is a great video, with some excellent advice on how to improve your English listening skills.

Listening is perhaps the most difficult of the four language skills to develop, especially in a country such as Myanmar, where in many places there are few native English speakers and you have little opportunity to hear and listen to authentic spoken English. Also, to improve your listening you MUST do the work yourself, outside of the classroom. You MUST be committed and make time to regularly listen to English and you MUST listen MORE THAN ONCE.

If you think about the listening PRACTICES you do in the classroom, you always listen at least TWICE and sometimes THREE times to the same listening. This is the best way to improve your listening

Helping you to improve your listening is one of the reasons for jayzuubar. As I have said before, your scores on the tests are NOT the most important thing - what is most important is that you listen to the video or the podcast - and listen two or three times. The more you listen, the more you will understand, the more your listening skill will develop.

So, now, listen to the video below and learn some great tips.


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