Isolation blues

In my culture, blue is the colour of sadness. If we say we are 'feeling blue', that means we are sad. We can also have 'the blues', which again means we are sad about or because of something. So, 'isolation blues' are feelings of sadness caused by being isolated (= on your own, only one and having no contact with other people).

COVID-19 has caused millions of people, all over the world to isolate themselves. Unfortunately many millions of people are not comfortable with being isolated and after only a short time, they start to feel 'blue'.

There are however some people who have experience of being isolated. Read the article about Myanmar people who spent years in isolation. Read the advice they give and answer the following questions with NO MORE than THREE WORDS and/or A NUMBER from the reading.

  1. What did Bo Kyi do last week on Facebook?

  2. Who assisted Bo Kyi to learn English?

  3. What did Bo Kyi do in prison to stay healthy?

  4. What ceased in Myanmar in 2011?

  5. How long was Khin Zaw Win imprisoned?

  6. What is Daw Suu Kyi doing in the online video?

  7. What does Khin Zaw Win believe is a deep part of Myanmar society?

  8. What do the ex-political prisoners suggest people spend time doing?

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below


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