Karen Peace Park

There's no question that one of the factors that makes Myanmar so fascinating to foreign visitors, is the rich and wonderful mix of ethnic groups and cultural norms that exist within the one nation. In this modern time of globalisation, it is rare to see so many cultures proudly living, speaking and behaving in a their own unique way.

This is part of the beauty of Myanmar, that it has not yet fully embraced globalisation, and become part of a world in which everyone starts to look the same, wear the same clothes, speak the same language and increasingly eat the same KFC chicken and drink coffee.

Watch the short video about the Karen people, the second largest minority ethnic group in Myanmar. Complete the sentences with NO MORE than TWO WORDS from the video.

  1. Since 1949, the Karen been fighting for an independent state, but in 1976 they changed their goal to that of ___________

  2. The Karen have created a peace park which includes villages, forests and __________

  3. The Karen continue to live traditionally and practice customary ___________ to preserve the environment

  4. Some fighting still happens due to the Myanmar military's upgrading a road previously used for ______________

  5. The Salween park is innovative because it is indigenous-led, which its founders say is an alternative to __________

  6. Due to foreign investment there are plans to develop two _______________ projects on the Salween River.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below


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