Electricity is one of the infrastructures needed to develop a nation. Electricity can be produced from many kinds of resources, such as gas, coal, oil, wind and water. The electricity generated from a turbine ( =engine) and generator turned by flowing water is called hydropower.

Hydropower is a clean, renewable and affordable (= cheap for most people) energy because of the water cycle- the continuous movement of water that includes evaporation, condensation and precipitation, which means that the water supply for electricity generation (= production) can be refilled by rain.

Hydropower generation can also prevent floods because dams are built on rivers to store water.

There are several ways to generate hydropower. Please watch and listen to the video clip and complete the sentences with no more than TWO WORDS from the audio. You can listen as many times as you need.

1. Hydroelectric power or hydropower refers to the harnessing of energy from _____________

2. Currently, hydropower is the largest source of ___________ power in the United States.

3. With impoundment technology, water stored in ____________ is released and then spins a turbine which turns a generator.

4. Diversion is a form of hydropower technology that uses the __________ of a river to produce electricity.

5. In Pumped Storage Hydropower, during times of low energy use, water is ____________ into a reservoir.

6. The U.S Department of Energy is helping to upgrade ______________ by making turbines and generators more efficient.

7. Researchers are reducing the impact of hydropower on fish with ____________turbines.

When you are ready, enter your answers into the test sheet below


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