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Sneakers (aka trainers)

You don't see that many sneakers on people's feet in Myanmar. Sneakers (or trainers as they are called in some countries) are the most popular type of footwear in most developed countries, and with globalisation marching on, it probably won't be long before Myanmar young people are being encouraged to wear them as well (even though sneakers really do not suit the Myanmar climate, or the tradition of removing your footwear when you enter a room).

Listen to and watch the video about the life cycle of a sneaker and answer the questions:

  • Which country buys the most sneakers?

Listen again and make notes of the answers to the following questions.

To help you, keywords are highlighted in red.

  1. On average, how many pairs of sneakers do Americans buy every year?

  2. What can be damaged by chromium?

  3. How many different parts are used to manufacture a sneaker?

  4. How many steps are there in the assembly of a typical sneaker?

  5. How long can it take for a sneaker to degrade?

  6. What should we do with sneakers we no longer use?

Enter your answers in the sheet below:


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