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Myanmar mung beans

In March 2020, the Indian government agreed to import 400,000 tonnes of mung beans from Myanmar in the coming fiscal year. Mung beans are an increasingly important export crop in Myanmar.

Listen to the video and identify the name of the Project that is aimed at helping local mung bean farmers.

Listen to the video again and complete the gaps below with NO MORE than TWO WORDS from the audio.

Myanmar is one of the world's largest exporters of pulses, especially mung beans

But smallholder farmers still live in poverty

Mung beans product from farmers is less competitive due to:

  • low and inconsistent (1) _______

  • low farm productivity

  • lack of (2) ________ to good quality of seeds

  • limited skill and technical knowledge on good agricultural practices

Local mung bean products in vulnerable position in the value chain

Restricted access to enter (3) _______ market segments (e.g Netherlands)

Harvest season female labourers who handpick mung beans have:

  • no possession of land

  • no access to resources

  • no decision power in (4) _________ and community

Pulses, People, Planet and Profit (P4) project aims to reduce poverty

  • Aims to increase income of 10,000 small holder farmers of which (5) _________ are landless female labourers

  • In Yangon and Magwe region, improve value chain environment

  • Predicted to increase premium market purchase volume as well as quality and (6)_________ of mung beans

The project's goals are to:

  • establish 50 seed multiplication farms in (7)_______ region

  • develop 50 key farmers in the Yangon region

  • develop (8) _______ business model for buyers and suppliers

  • develop 180 service providers on GAP and CSA

  • hold (9) _______ on lobbying and advocacy for 70 NGO, CSO and CBO's

It is believed the P4 project will improve not only the productivity and quality of mungbean but also the productivity and (10) _________ of life of mung bean farmers.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below


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