Nature and wildlife

It has been reported that nature and wildlife (= animals living naturally without humans) are making a comeback (= to return from a decline or defeat).

With so many millions of humans now staying indoors (= inside the home) and many city streets free of traffic and noise, animals are starting to wander into urban areas.

Click on the 'Slow News Day' icon on the left to listen to a podcast in which the presenter talks slowly. Listen and answer the question below:

Which two animals does the podcast presenter talk about?

When you have answered the question above, listen again and complete the sentences below with ONE WORD form the podcast.

  1. The tiger is the largest of the cat ____________________.

  2. Tigers are amongst the most _______________ animals in the world.

  3. Research carried out by the WWF shows that tiger numbers are ________________

  4. In 2010, a number of countries agreed to ____________ the number of tigers by 2022.

  5. Habitat loss and poaching are the most significant _______________ to tigers.

  6. In 2014, Inky the octopus was _________________ caught in a net.

  7. When the lid on the tank was left open, Inky saw it as an ________________ to escape.

  8. An octopus can _____________ down its body to the size of its mouth.

When you are ready, enter your answers into the test sheet below:



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