New Year resolutions

Okay, so what is a 'resolution'?

Firstly it is not pronounced re-solution

It is pronounced reso-LU-tion

Unfortunately, resolution has many meanings. The meaning we are looking at today is resolution = a formal expression of intention (something you plan to do).

A tradition in many Western countries is for people to make a number of resolutions on New Years Day (January 1st). For example:

  • I will eat less junk food

  • I will learn to play the guitar

  • I will use my English language skills more on Jayzuubar

There are resolutions. They are formal commitments to make some changes in your life. However, making behavourial changes can be difficult as it often requires us to change our habits and to 'get out of our comfort zones' (= do things we are less comfortable with).


Read the article about resolutions and then enter your details on the test sheet below and answer the 10 questions.

These questions are quite difficult, so I have helped you by identifying keywords.



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