Noise Pollution

Constant exposure to noise has become an integral part of city life. We are so used to the noise of modern life that we think little of it, but sound — when it exceeds certain levels — can have multiple impacts on our physical and mental health

Noise levels in urban areas is now considered by many people as a serious health problem and local governments and city councils are taking action to try and either reduce the noise that is created in cities or to protect city dwellers from noise pollution.

Read the article on noise pollution and match the features (1-7) with the seven cities and countries.

  1. has focused on traffic noise and reducing car use.

  2. has been developing road surfaces to lessen car noise

  3. has reduced noise pollution by about 80 percent.

  4. has a dual system for measuring noise pollution

  5. needs to educate people about noise reduction

  6. has implemented programs to bring involved parties together

  7. has focused programs on transport hubs and high population density areas.

Complete the summary with NO MORE than TWO WORDS from the reading.

Noise pollution can cause a range of health issues, the most ___________ being tinnitus. In addition, loud environmental noises make our _________ go up, not only when we are awake but also when we are ___________. Furthermore, ____________ can be affected by noise pollution, especially for school children. Finally, as well as physical problems, noise pollution can also have __________ , such as frustration and discomfort.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below


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