Paid to play

Professional sportspeople can make a lot of money, not only from their salaries but also from sponsorship deals (e.g. wearing only Nike shoes or clothes), television advertisements and being paid to make public appearances. Nevertheless, the top sportspeople and athletes are paid HUGE salaries.

Read the article about sport salaries and identify the following statements as True, False or Not Given.

  1. There is one universally accepted method to measure the highest paid sport in the world.

  2. The average salary paid by the FA Premier League is significantly higher than that paid by other top soccer leagues.

  3. Sponsors are less attracted to the NFL due to its limited geographical coverage.

  4. Ice hockey (NHL) generates significantly less revenue that other sports leagues.

  5. In the last thirteen years, Major League Baseball has increased its popularity in South Korea.

  6. On average, a basketball player in the National Basketball League (NBA) receives a salary over $4 million a year.

Do you think sports stars are paid too much?

Do you think that it is ethically correct for top sportspeople to be paid an average salary of between $1.6 - $4 million dollars a year, while US doctors recieve an average salary of $237,000 per year and school teachers, $60,000 a year?

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below.


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