I like bats. Maybe one of the reasons is that there are no bats in my home country, so when I was growing up in New Zealand, bats were always exotic (= exciting and from a foreign country).

Having now lived in a number of countries that have bats (e.g. Australia, Myanmar) I think they are amazing creatures. I love the way they swoop (= move quickly downwards through the air) around swimming pools or near lakes in the evening, attracted by insects.

Watch and listen to the video and decide if the following statement is True or False.

  • 'Bats are extremely dangerous for humans'

Now watch again and try and answer the following multiple choice questions:

There are:

  1. 1200 different species of vampire bats

  2. Less that five species of vampire bats

  3. Only one species of vampire bat

The majority of bats eat:

  1. insects

  2. mammals

  3. fruit

Fruit bats are sometimes called megabats because:

  1. they are very scary

  2. they are larger than other bats

  3. they eat fruit

Bats are the only mammals that:

  1. can fly

  2. see in the dark

  3. eat fruit

White-nose syndrome is an illness:

  1. that is caused by bats biting humans

  2. that causes bats to wake up early

  3. that affects over 90% of bats

In January 2014, a huge number of bats in Australia:

  1. contracted white-nose syndrome

  2. were burned in a wildfire

  3. died in a heat wave

If you find a bat:

  1. you should take it to Animal Control

  2. you should not touch it

  3. you should contact your local government

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below


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