The song is especially intended for people who come from a collectivist culture as they usually have the duty that is expected or required by morality or religion.

In this animated song, there are different perspectives that combine both freedom and duty. Everybody who is influenced by individualism or collectivism needs to seriously think or consider what they want to do or what they want to be.

The strong message in this song is that “sometimes, norms from respective

societies are not essential”. Everybody must listen to their reflective sounds from their minds and show their abilities as best they can.

Please listen the song, read the lyrics and complete the summary below, with the following words (note:- there are three EXTRA WORDS)

identity / inner / dilemma / job / agree / obligations / follow / individuality / role / solution

Mulan has a difficult moral _______. She knows and understands her _________ to her family, her village and her country but she has a strong ________ desire to be different. She is torn in two directions; to _____ the rules and norms of her society or to express her ____________. She believes that she may not be able to play the __________ her society wants her to play and increasingly wants to reveal her true ________.

When you are ready, enter you answers in the test sheet below.


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