Scanning speed results: our first champion

Well, the results are back from the first scanning speed test, and I must say I am very impressed by the fastest among you. As I said scanning is a critical skill you need to pass the IELTS reading test.

The quicker you can find keywords, then the more time you have to carefully read the important sentences in the reading text and try and find the answers. So, two outstanding speed scanners from the first test. Congratulations:

Nay Nwe Thant: While you score was 9/10, you managed to locate those 9 keywords in an outstanding 2.54 minutes. That is crazy fast! Well done.
Sandar Win: Next fastest at 5.39 minutes, which is still a great speed... and a perfect score of 10/10. Great scanning skills on display.

And commendations to the other top five scanners, Hsu Wai Toe, San Mya and Ei Myo Kyaw although Hsu Wai Toe, you may want to improve your accuracy a little.

If you think you can possibly better Nay Nwe Thant's outstanding speed, the test can be taken at SPEEDSCANNING#1

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