Scanning speed results #3: Myanmar film history

If you are thinking of doing the IELTS reading test then you must be quick at scanning. You must be able to find keywords quickly so as to allow yourself more time to carefully read the text and choose the correct answer.

In this third test, there was also the need to identify synoynms for some of the keywords.

Being able to think of synonyms for keywords and then find them quickly in a text is another important skill you need for the IELTS reading exam.

Congratulations to the top scanners:

San Dar: Phenomenally fast speed to be able to find keywords and identify synonyms in under 5 minutes. Excellent work.
Thae Oo: 100% of keywords and synonyms found in just over 8 minutes.

And commendations to the other top five scanners; Wutyi Aung, Hnin Myint and San Mya.

Another test will be posted soon. Keep practising to improve your skill and your speed. Previous scanning tests can be found by clicking on 'scanning' below right.


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