Sleep well

Ever since I began meditating every day, I have had no trouble sleeping. I definitely think that regular meditation helps us to get a good night's sleep (=to sleep well in the night). I think one of the reasons is that when we mediate we train our minds to be empty and this is very helpful when we want to go to sleep.

I know however that many people have trouble falling asleep. I only experience this occasionally, but when I do, I find it quite frustrating. Watch and listen to the video for some tips about what you can do to sleep better.

Watch the video and note the four strategies (= plans or techniques) given for getting a good night's sleep.

Watch and listen to the video again and complete the sentences below with NO MORE than THREE WORDS from the video.

  1. When using distraction, you should try to create fantastic images that make use of a number of your _____________________

  2. You should not try and banish negative and troublesome thoughts but rather allow them to _____________________

  3. When thinking about your day, you shouldn’t think about the ____________ again and again

  4. When using mindfulness techniques, you can focus on you breathing or on a _____________

  5. Also using techniques that help you to feel ____________________________ and avoid becoming aroused are helpful.

  6. Feeling grateful for someone who has had a________________________ on your life can help you sleep.

When you are ready, enter you answers in the test sheet below.


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