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Speaking about advertising

IELTS Speaking Part 3 is a discussion in which the IELTS examiner will ask you a number of questions on a specific topic and expect you to give full answers (approximately 1+ minute for each answer). Below are a number of questions related to advertising that an examiner may ask in IELTS Speaking Part 3.


What do you think are the most effective types of advertising?

What is the most popular way of advertising in your country?

What are the most advertised products in your country? Why?

How do advertisements attract attention?

Do advertisements actually influence people to buy things? How?

What are some of the techniques ads use to appeal to consumers?

What factors make an advertisement effective?

What are the harmful and beneficial effects of advertising?

How has social media changed the way products are advertised?

What are some of the problems with social media influencer advertising?

Do you think that ads create a desire for more and more material possessions?

Do young and old people show the same attitude towards advertisements?

Are advertisements a good or bad influence on children?

Do you think it's acceptable to show ads aimed at children on television? Why/ why not?

Should government regulate advertising aimed at children?

Can TV advertising be a force for good?


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