Speaking about work

IELTS Speaking Part 3 is a discussion in which the IELTS examiner will ask you a number of questions on a specific topic and expect you to give full answers (approximately 1+ minute for each answer). Below are a number of questions related to work that an examiner may ask in IELTS Speaking Part 3.


What changes have occurred in work in your country in the last two decades?

Do you think salary is the most important factor when choosing a job?

What for you, are the most important factors for job satisfaction?

What skills do you think are needed to get a good job these days?

How has technology changed the way we work?

How do you think technology will change work in the future?

Why do some people choose to work in other countries?

How would you define ‘an interesting job’?

Why do some people keep changing their jobs?

What are some of the key qualities of a good employer?

What are some of the advantages of working from home?

What are some of the drawbacks of working from home?

Do you think all people are suited to working from home?

What are some of the benefits of working in a team?

Do you think work-life balance is important?

How can having a job, benefit people?

What kinds of preparation should people do for a job interview?


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