Local and foreign tourists

The Covid-19 epidemic disrupted international travel in 2020 and caused a lot of problems for businesses that rely on the tourist industry. However, in Myanmar, as in many other countries, there has been an increase in domestic or local tourism (=people travelling to tourist destinations in their own country.

Listen to a student give a 6.5+ answer to an IELTS Speaking Part 3 question. The student:

  • uses clear pronunciation with few errors

  • gives a full answer, on topic and speaks for about 1.45 minutes

  • structures her answer effectively, using linkers

  • speaks fluently (with some repetition)

  • self corrects her errors at times

  • uses a good range of vocabulary (e.g. require, promote, generate)

  • uses a range of grammar with minimal errors

Listen to the student's answer and identify the four differences she mentions between local and foreign tourists.

Listen to the student's answer again and fill the missing words in the transcript, with no MORE than TWO WORDS.

Yeah, in the world we can see, the main difference, local and foreign. So, the local tourist is in... is the person who ________ in their own country and the foreign tourist is a person who travel from one country to _______. This is the main difference.

And another difference is the local tourists do __________ any legal documents, such as visa, passports or cheque. The foreign tourists need the legal documents. Another difference is ________ or money. The local tourist ________ the local business but they cannot generate additional revenue. The foreign tourists can generate ... can generate a huge amount of foreign income. It _________ our country economy and business.

Finally, it's ________ The local tourist do not need... do not worry about the... the language, so they can find and they can understand the traditions and they can find _________ easily. The foreign tourists can ... may find the local culture _________ because they do not understand the language. These three things are the main differences between the local tourists and foreign tourists.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below:


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