Making roads safer

Travelling, traffic and transport are common IELTS topics. In the video below, a student gives an IELTS 7.5 answer to the question:

What can the government do to make the roads safer and reduce traffic accidents?

Listen to the student's answer and identify the three things she mentions that the government can do to reduce traffic accidents and make roads safer.

One of the reasons this is an IELTS 7+ answer is the range of vocabulary that is used. The student uses adverbs very effectively and also a good variety of nouns and adjectives. Listen to the answer again and complete the transcript with the following eight words.

Adverbs: aggressively / safely / carelessly / especially

Adjectives: overconfident / targeted

Nouns: collisions / restrictions

That's a good question. I think government can do three things to make the roads safer. The first thing is taking serious legal action, such as stiff penalities for people who drive [1]______ and who cause the [2]________ on the road. The second thing is educating the [3]_______ group, [4}_________ young men because young men are [5}___________ and they neglect the other people and vehicles on the road. They drive [6]_________. So, the government can educate these targeted groups to be aware of the driving laws, such as wearing helmet and avoiding double tasks. The third thing is that government can make the [7]_________, such as speed limits which drivers can drive [8]_________ and also government can do the age limit for young people to give the driving license. So, I think these three things can lead to safer roads.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below.


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