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Sport and Fitness

This is one of three great podcasts for you to practice your listening skills. It has been prepared with English language students in mind and the presenters speak a little slower and with careful pronunciation to make it a bit easier for you to catch what is said. The other two podcasts are:

This podcast is about sports and fitness and discusses the team sport of football and the individual sport of running.

Before you listen to the podcast below, read the questions and identify the keywords. If you can identify the keywords correctly, this will help you in the listening.

Keywords are signals. When you here then during the audio, you know the answer will be coming soon, and that you need to focus your listening.

Listen to the podcast and answer the questions with NO MORE than TWO WORDS and/or a NUMBER.

  1. What year did Germany win the FIFA World Cup?

  2. How many FIFA World Cup events has China participated in?

  3. What type of sports is China especially competitive in?

  4. What is China building to help promote football in China?

  5. Where were the 2012 Olympic Games held?

  6. How long is the marathon?

  7. How long had Lee Deanos Rodriguez been training for her running race?

  8. Where was Rodriguez's mother waiting for her?

When you are ready enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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