Super worm MOON

Today, the 9th March, 2020 seems like a good time to look at the moon, because tonight it's a super worm moon. Why's it called a super worm moon? Because every year, the March full moon is usually called the “worm moon” — a reference to the earthworms that start appearing in the ground in the UK in March. Also, because of its close orbit to the Earth, the moon tonight will also be a super (= bigger than usual).

So, given the very special nature of the moon today, it's time for some science about the moon. Watch and listen to the video and complete the summary below with ONLY ONE WORD from the video for each gap.

The moon, which is much1 ___________ than the earth, is unlike the sun and stars in that it does not give off light but 2____________light from the sun. The moon 3___________ the earth and takes 28 days to go fully around the earth. As the moon orbits the earth, we can see different 4_________ of the moon. A 'new moon' is when the sun is behind the moon, we cannot 5__________it. When the moon is 6_____________the sun and we can see all of it, this is a full moon.

When you are ready, enter you answers in the test sheet below.



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