Sustainable development

'Sustainable development' is a common phrase that is used nowadays by most governments throughout the world. It is important that you as English language learners and IELT candidates clearly understand what the term 'sustainable development' means and are able to explain it.

Watch and listen to the informative video and choose the correct answer to complete the statement below:

Sustainable development means:

  1. Creating technologies that can be used by future generations.

  2. Using methods to develop the world now that do not do damage in the future.

  3. Development that is continuous.

Watch and listen to the video again and provide short answers to the questions using NO MORE than THREE WORDS and/or A NUMBER.

Remember to identify keywords in the sentences before you listen.

  1. What type of growing problems contributed to the emergence of the idea of sustainable development?

  2. What is the estimated global population in 2050?

  3. What type of development should provide advancement for all people?

  4. In sustainable development, what other factors should be considered along with 'growth'?

  5. What is reduced due to the use of ecologically friendly products and packaging?

  6. What is it that responsible companies are increasingly committing to?

When you're ready, enter your answers below:


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