Thailand's plastic monk

I think the best way to try and solve social and environmental problems is by trying to be innovative and enterprising with traditional and accepted structures and systems that already exist within a culture (for example; the sangha - the community of Buddhist monks). By using a traditional value system, the majority of people within that culture can more easily accept the solution and are more willing to support it.

Listen to (and read) about one entreprenerial Buddhist monk in Thailand who has created an innovative way to address the problem of plastic waste.

  • At Chak Daeng temple, what is made from plastic waste?

Watch, listen to, and read the video again and complete the summary about recycling below with the six verbs (you will need to use the verbs in the passive form).

collect mix donate weave recycle compress

Ten tons of plastic waste _________ to the Chak Daeng temple every month from people all over Thailand. In addition, rubbish _________ by fishermen and sent to the temple. At the temple, plastic bottles ________ in a machine and sent to a factory which makes the plastic into fibres. In the next stage, the fibres ________ into monastic robes. When the monastic robes are old, they are made into bedsheets. When the bedsheets are old, they ________ into cleaning rags. Finally, when the cleaning rags are old, they _________ with clay and used to plaster the monks' living quarters.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below:


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