The human body

The human body is all the physical parts that make up, well, us. The basic parts of the human body are the head, neck, torso, arms and legs. Our bodies consist of a number of biological systems that carry out specific functions necessary for everyday living.

Watch this very interesting video about the human body and answer the multiple choice questions below.

How many major systems are there in the human body?

  1. eight

  2. ten

  3. twelve

How many bones are there in the skeletal system?

  1. Less than 200

  2. 200

  3. More than 200

What is the function of the three muscle types?

  1. to facilitate movement

  2. to increase strength

  3. to transmit information

Which system is the brain a part of?

  1. the skeletal system

  2. the nervous system

  3. the endocrine system

What is another name for the lymphatic system?

  1. the immune system

  2. the nervous system

  3. the regulatory system

What do the respiratory and digestive systems provide?

  1. blood

  2. relaxation

  3. energy

What is the reproductive system responsible for?

  1. creating energy

  2. creating life

  3. creating harmony

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet.


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