The Myanmar 'tiger'

Many people in Myanmar know about Aung La Nsang, the Kachin born fighter nicknamed "Burmese Python" who is a current Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) World Champion.

But, Aung La Nsang is not the first famous Myanmar martial art fighter. Read the article about Kyar “Tiger” Ba Nyein, a man who did much to popularise the sport of lethwei, not only in Myanmar but around the world.

Read the article and identify the statements as True, False or Not Given. Remember to check the feedback on your incorrect answers as this will improve your reading skills.

  1. Lethwei is as popular as Muay Thai

  2. As a teenager, Kyar Ba Nyein was a skilled boxer.

  3. After World War Two, Kyar Ba Nyein worked as a police officer.

  4. Kyar Ba Nyein did not win a medal at the Olympic Games.

  5. Kyar Ba Nyein helped to modernise lethwei in Myanmar.

  6. After 1956, Kyar Ba Nyein has no more involvement in boxing and lethwei.

  7. His book 'Blood on the Sand' was very popular in Myanmar.

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