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Skills of a tour guide

There's probably very little demand for tour guides at the moment, as most of the world is in lockdown because of the COVID-19 virus. However, once the problems with the pandemic reduce, there will be lots of people with itchy feet (= wanting to travel).

However, tourism may be quite regulated and controlled for some time, even after the COVID-19 restrictions are eased as governments will want to make sure local people stay safe from any imported illness. Tour guides could play an important role in the management and control of tourists. But what qualities make a good tour guide?

Read the article about tour guide skills and complete the summary below with NO MORE than TWO WORDS from the reading.

First and foremost, people working in the touring industry need ____ as the job involves working with people. Knowing how to speak in ______ is also critical as tour guides must address groups of people and keep their attention through ______ and narration. Effective narration should include interesting facts and extra ______. Furthermore, tour guides need the skills to be able _____ with both large and small problems and being bilingual also increases a person's ____ of being employed as a guide. Finally having organisational skills is also helpful as these can reduce time and costs and minimise _______ .

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below


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