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Tourism in Kayah

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, overtourism (= too much tourism) was affecting some cities and regions around the world. The main problems associated with overtourism are overcrowding, price rises, bad behaviour and damage to cultural sites.

So, what should areas, regions or villages do, when they start to experience tourists coming to their area? How can they, at the very beginning, try and make sure that the growth of tourism does not cause damage and disruption to their lives?

Watch and listen to the video about how Kayah State is managing the growth in tourism.

Watch and listen again and fill the gaps in the summary with one word from the video.

Community guide is a program aimed at (1)_______ tourism which encourages

tourist guides to (2) ______ local villagers to show tourists around. These villagers function as a (3)_______ between the different cultures. In Pan Pet, villagers can earn money by (4)________ tourists in their homes and by selling (5)________ (such as scarves). Because of the boom in tourists, the government has provided funding to improve the local (6)______.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below.


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