Transport in the future

Change is happening all the time, and it is happening faster and faster. Transport and travel is one area in which a lot of change has occurred due to advances in technology and the growing awareness of the environmental impact of our existing ways of travel.

So, what does the future hold in regard to transportation?

Well, listen to the BBC PODCAST to learn about some of the newer types of transportation that are being tested right now. While you are listening, the reporters will mention and explain six vocabulary terms. These are:

common place / automation / prototype / far-fetched / maglev / vacuum

Listen to the podcast and try and understand the meaning of these six words and phrases. Once you think you know the meanings, then complete the summary below with the six words and phrases.

Advances in technology have led to 1___________ being used more and more in the workplace. Robotics have become quite 2_________ in the car manufacturing industry in the last few years, and it is predicted that soon we will be traveling on driverless cars and trains. While this might all sound 3________, trials have already begun on the 'hyperloop', a superfast train which runs by 4___________ though a sealed tube. Super speed is produced because inside the tube is a 5_________which means there is the train is not traveling through air, and can go faster. Technicians have already built a 6_________ which is being tested in Nevada in US.

Enter your answers into the test sheet below.


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