Working with dangerous wildlife

'Wildlife' refers to animals that live in the wild. The opposite of 'wild' is 'tame'. A tame animal is an animal that can live peacefully with humans and which can be safely approached by people. So, pets are tame animals. A elephant that works with humans in the jungle is a tame elephant.

Wild animals are those that are not tame. They can not safely approached by humans. Very few people work with wild animals.

Watch the video about Dan Rumsey who works with wildlife and identify which country he works in:

  1. New Zealand

  2. England

  3. Australia

Watch the video again and complete the sentences with NO MORE than ONE WORD.

  1. Dan Rumsey is the Head __________ Keeper at the zoo.

  2. In the three rooms at the zoo there are over 200 highly _____________ snakes.

  3. Every year in Australia about 200 people are treated for _________ snake bites.

  4. Snake venom is highly neurotoxic and effects people's central __________ system.

  5. The most rewarding part of Dan's job is sharing wildlife with the public, especially ____

What is the meaning of the following vocabulary:

reptile / extract / venom / toxic / conservation

Enter your answers in the sheet below:


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