IELTS Writing Part 1: Structure

IELTS Part 1 writing requires you to write 150+ words usually on a graph or chart.

If you have not done this before, it can seem quite difficult. But really, all it takes is some good guidance around structure and sentence construction and lots of practice and feedback.

In this first tip about writing about a graph or chart, I am going to give you some guidance on the structure of your writing.

To complete this task and score at least 6.5 you need to cover FOUR areas in your report - it is probably easiest to think of these four areas as FOUR SEPARATE PARAGRAPHS. These are:

  1. An introduction that describes what the graph measures, and include all relevant details (e.g. what, where, when) e.g. The bar graph depicts the percentage of female students attending English courses in three universities between 2012 and 2015. [15-20 words]

  2. An overview of the general trends in the graph, chart or table [25 - 45 words]

  3. Specific detail about some key features in the graph, chart or table [65 - 90 words]

  4. A conclusion that restates/ paraphrases the main trends [15 - 25 words]

That's it. That is the structure you stick to and you practice using again and again. If you do this, you will after some practice, find that you are easily writing 150+ words.

The next tip will look at writing the quantitative expression.


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