IELTS Writing Part 1: map writing

Sometimes in IELTS Writing Part 1, you will be asked to write a report on two maps or plans (e.g. of a building or a town). In this type of report, you need to describe what has changed in the two maps or plans.

The structure of your report is still four paragraphs:

  1. Introduction (same as other reports – see 'introduction')

  2. The biggest/most noticeable/most significant / main changes

  3. Other smaller changes

  4. More small changes

Note, there is no conclusion in this type of report.

As with other reports, do not write your opinions or speculations.

Three skills you must have to complete this type of report:

  • Be able to identify the changes. What has been added? What has been removed?

  • Know and be able to use location language (e.g. north, south, north-east, top, bottom, left, right, corner, centre, to the right, next to, beside...)

  • Know and be able to use a range of verbs to describe adding and removing (e.g. expand, replace, shift, relocate, extend, convert, restructure )


Look at the report below that describes the diagram above and complete the gaps using the nine words.

added converted removed

expanded comprises occupied

south-east addition north side


The diagram reveals two maps of Takapuna Supercentre, one in 2010 and the other in 2020.

Most significantly, the supercenter has been (1)______ and a parking lot has been (2)______ in the south-west corner of the site. The furniture store which was previously located in the south-east corner of the supercenter is now situated in an (3)_______ to the building, to the left of the entrance, where in 2010 there was a lake.

Furthermore, the lobby area directly inside the entrance to the mall has been (4)_______ and the central entertainment area had been (5)_______ into a food court. The coffee shop and food store, which in 2010, were on the (6)_______ of the building have gone. The food store is now located in the space previously (7)________ by the furniture shop.

The sports retailer and the electronics store that were located on the eastern side of the supercenter, above the furniture store are now located on the northern side of the mall. Finally, the eastern side of the centre now (8)_______ three themed restaurants (Burmese, Thai and Indian) with the food store located in the (9)_______ corner of the complex.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below:


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