IELTS Writing Part 1: process writing

Production of red wine

After graphs, charts and tables, the next most common type of writing you will have to do for IELTS Part 1 is to describe a process diagram (see the example diagram). You will need to describe the stages of production and what happens at each stage.

Just like writing about charts and tables, this gets easier and you get faster, the more you practice.

There are two things you need to get good at to be able to write about a process diagram. These are:

  • Sequential linkers

  • The passive voice

Sequential linkers are the words and phrases you use to link each of the stages of the process together. Some common ones are 'In the first stage', firstly', 'next', 'after that', 'following that'. You need to use sequential linkers to introduce each stage of the process you are describing.

The passive voice is used because usually WHO is doing the process is NOT IMPORTANT. What is BEING DONE is important. So for example, we do NOT write:

"In the first stage, someone selects the grapes'

because the 'someone' is not important. So instead, we write:

'In the first stage, the grapes are selected'

This is the 'passive voice', which has the form: subject + 'be' + verb 3

So, when writing about a process diagram, you combine a variety of sequential linkers with the passive voice to describe the stages of the process. For example:

"In the first stage, the grapes are selected and harvested. Following that, the selected grapes are kept in anaerobic condition for a period of two to three weeks. In the next stage of the process, the grapes are placed in a crushing machine..."

For model example of IELTS process writing CLICK HERE


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