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The 'self' is an important word and an important idea in all languages. As very young children we learn to identify 'ourselves' - who we are, what our names are, what we like, who we are related to, whether we are good or bad. All of this knowledge depends on us having a self concept (= how someone thinks about, evaluates or perceives themselves).

In English we use the prefix 'self' when we are referring to something that relates to our identify. So, we have a self-image (how we see ourselves). We have a sense of self-worth (what we believe we are worth). And we can undertake self-development (when we do things to try and improve ourselves). We can also have self-doubt (when we are not sure about what we are doing)

Match the words below with their meanings:

self-respect / self-doubt / self-defence / self-awareness / self-confidence

self-discipline / self-control / self-centred / self-employed / self-esteem


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