Right speech

Speaking is an essential part of human life. It is the best way for communication among people. Through speech, people can give information and express their feelings, thoughts and attitudes. Speech is a powerful thing that can create a variety of feelings such as love, hate, anger, happiness and sadness among people.

In our daily life, we need to speak with people for any reasons. Today, most people prefer pleasant speech to truth in speaking. We need to speak carefully and consciously because we have to be accountable and responsible for what we say. Our speech can make the world peaceful as well as turbulent.

Therefore, for the peace of the world and the great benefits of people, the Buddha taught about “right speech” – speech spoken well and embodied with fair, just, endearing and true words.

Watch the video clip about “Buddha teaching on right speech” and complete the summary with the words below. Note there are TWO extra words.

empowerment / guile / influence / spoken / department

environment / egoism / honest / listeners / characteristics

The Buddha believes that “right speech” benefits all creatures and their____________. Our speaking needs to meet the four__________of right speech. To be right speech, words must be well____________. We need to avoid__________and pretence because these can destroy speaking. Finally, our speaking must be free from ____________. Right speech can have an______________on the creation of good things. It brings__________and freedom to both speaker and all____________.

When you are ready, complete the test below


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