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''I'm Gatsby''

'The Great Gatsby' is considered by many literary critics to be one of the greatest novels ever written. The novel has became part of high school and university curricula in many developed countries and there have been numerous stage and film adaptations.

In 2013, a movie adaptation was made starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead character, Jay Gatsby. Watch the short clip of the movie below, where Gatsby (DiCaprio) introduces himself to another character, Nick Carraway. It is this character, Nick Carroway, who narrates (=tells) the story,

Listen to Nick Carroway's narration again as he comments on Gatsby's smile, and complete the transcript below.

"His smile was one of those _____ smiles that you may come across four or _____ times in life. It seemed to understand you and _______ in you just as you would like to be ______ and believed ______."

Choose the THREE adjectives below that best describe Gatsby's character.

charismatic assertive repulsive charming reliable

sensitive aggressive confident shy conservative

When you're ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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