Fantastic English speaking improvement technique

One of the difficulties that Myanmar students have with speaking English is the need to use intonation and sentence stress. Both intonation and sentence stress are very important for you to be understood when speaking English.

Intonation is the rise and fall of your voice when you are speaking. This is quite difficult to teach and quite difficult for Myanmar students to learn. One reason is that the Myanmar language uses tones rather then intonation.

Sentence stress refers to the need to stress (either a little louder or a little longer) the important words or sounds in a sentence. Possibly the best method for learning both intonation and sentence stress is through imitation and repeated practice.

One of my students, who has very good intonation and sentence stress in her speaking, recently shared the video above on Facebook. She told me she has made many singing videos, while this is the only one she has shared.

She sounds fantastic and she has shown great courage sharing the video.

But more importantly, she had shared a great learning method. I encourage you all, if you want to improve your speaking, to download this app and start singing. This is perhaps one of the best ways I have seen for students to improve their intonation and sentence stress.

The website / app can be found at


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