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I'm definitely an introvert. I always have been but I've only recently accepted that it is completely okay to be an introvert. It's okay to like to spend time alone. It's okay to not want to go to social events. It's okay to want to have meaningful conversations and to dislike small talk.

In the culture in which I grew up, introverts were not valued. It was better to be an extrovert. I had great difficulty in my childhood and my adolescence as I struggled with being social and communicating with other people. I also felt uncomfortable in large groups because I didn't know what to say.

I did learn to be extroverted, so I could cope with social situations, but when I was doing this, I always felt false. Drinking alcohol was an effective way for me to face my fear of social gatherings. Alcohol lowers inhibitions (= our fears than stop us relaxing) so often when I drank alcohol I would feel more relaxed in social situations.

The video below gives ten interesting facts about introverts. Answer the ten questions below while watching the video (listening and reading because there are subtitles)

  • This is an IELTS style activity, so the answers are in order

  • I have highlighted the keywords you need to listen for

Identify the following statements as True (T), False (F) or Not Given (NG).

  1. There are ten types of introverts.

  2. Anxious introverts experience anxiety and awkwardness in social situations.

  3. Introverts do not like small talk.

  4. Extroverts have more dopamine in their brains than introverts.

  5. Acetylcholine makes introverts sleepy.

  6. Introverts enjoy the rain.

  7. Pretending to be extroverted can be bad for an introvert.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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