K-Pop: it's not easy

Celebrity. Fame and fortune. Role models. Being in the public eye.

K-pop is a great example of celebrity. It is hugely popular at the moment with more and more fans worldwide. But recently, a negative side of K-Pop has emerged. We are increasingly hearing about heavily disciplined regimes and dangerous dietary and health practices. There has been a recent suicide of a leading K-Pop idol. So, what is the K-pop life really like?

Prepare to answer the questions below (e.g. keywords, synonyms etc)

Then click CBC News - K-Pop to read the article about K-Pop and answer the questions.

Questions 1 - 5

Identify the statements (1-5) as:

  • True T

  • False F

  • Not Given NG

  1. The boy band BTS will soon be visiting America.

  2. The North American music industry is aware of the mistreatment of celebrities

  3. K-Pop is well known for expertly blending vocals and dancing

  4. K-Pop auditions are only held in South Korea.

  5. Steven Chau has been to over 10 auditions

Questions 6 -10

Select a person (A,B,C,D,E) to match the descriptions below

6. is a K-Pop idol who is confident speaking out in the media.

7 believes K-Pop idols have to be seen to be strong

8 has a dream of being a K-Pop idol

9 says K-Pop idols have less free-time that American idols

10 suffered from a serious mental illness

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below


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