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Making films, making costumes

Making films is not just about actors and actresses. There are usually thousands of people who work 'behind the scenes' (= not visible to the audience) on different aspects of a film, including screenwriters, set designers and builders, lighting crew, camera operators and of course the director. Films are a collaborative effort, bring together creative people from various fields who all work together to create the final finished film.

Listen to the video, about Deborah Cook, who worked on one of my favourite movies, and answer the question in TWO WORDS.

  • What is Deborah Cook's job?

Listen to the video again and and answer the questions with NO MORE than THREE WORDS or a NUMBER.

  1. What is the traditional under-pattern on Kubo's kimono?

  2. Where did the inspiration for Washi’s costume come from?

  3. How many feathers are there in Washi’s cape?

To find out more about the movie "Kubo and the Two Strings" go to KUBO

Enter your answers in the sheet below:


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