Kyaukphyu pipeline

The oil and gas pipeline from Kyaukphyu in Rakhine state to Kunming in China is a huge engineering project that has now been completed in Myanmar. The project has had a massive impact of the local people and the local communities in Kyaukphyu.

The creation and construction of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Kyaukphyu is still under discussion. This will also be a massive engineering and development project.

Before you watch the video below, research the ten vocabulary words below

Once you are familiar with the vocabulary, read the 10 questions below and identify the keywords.

  1. When did construction of the Maday Island facility begin?

  2. How much did the establishment of the facility cost?

  3. How many cubic metres of gas can the pipeline transport?

  4. What did the local people know about the project before it started?

  5. Are China's western and south-western provinces near the sea?

  6. Where do the majority of China's oil imports come from?

  7. Initially, how did the local Maday Island people feel about the project?

  8. When did U Tun Yi become an activist?

  9. What type of company is Citic group?

  10. What are the local fishermen in Kyaukphyu concerned about?

When you are ready, watch and listen to the video to find the answers and then enter your answers in the sheet below.


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