What is a 'landmark'? Listen to the video and choose the correct definition for 'landmark'.

A landmark is:

a) a place in the world where there is a large natural feature

b) a place in the world that has an important meaning

c) a mark or sign on the ground that signifies ownership

Watch and listen to the video again and match the six landmarks (a-f) with their features below.

a) Independence Hall

b) Niagara Falls

c) Great Pyramids

d) Machu Picchu

e) Stonehenge

f) Sydney Opera House


  • an ancient city situated in a mountain region

  • a natural landmark located on a border between countries

  • a famous modern landmark in Australia

  • were build as burial sites for kings

  • where an important document was written

  • was built about 5000 years ago in England

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